WWTF International Summer School
the City

22nd – 29th of June 2014 
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna 

Public Program

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Monday, June 23rd

18:30h    Opening

Eva Blimlinger (Academy of Fine Arts Vienna)


18:30h    Lecture

Silvia Federici

Caliban and the Witch –

Witch Hunts in the Present Day

Like at the dawn of capitalist development, today as well the global expansion of capitalist relations is driven by a  broad attack on our reproduction and the escalation of violence against women including new forms of witch-hunting. In her presentation Federici examines the factors motivating these new persecutions, while revisiting the main themes of Caliban and the Witch, stressing in particular the relation between witch-hunting, capitalist development and the capitalist restructuring of gender relations.


Respondent: Suzana Milevska

in collaboration with the Institute for Art Theory and Cultural Studies


Tuesday, June 24th

19h         Lecture

Andrés Jaque

Architecture As Rendered Society

Architecture is never neutral, but it is neither technodeterminist. To explore the implications of shared agendas in the architectural embodiment of the political is the goal of projects like the ESCARAVOX, Plasencia Clergy House, PHANTOMor IKEADisobedients, developed in the last 15 years by the Office for Political Innovation


in collaboration with the Institute for Art and Architecture


Saturday, June 28th

Collaborative Trading Practices

12 – 15h  Podium Discussion

Peter Mörtenböck, Stavros Stavrides
and Angelika Fitz


Sunday, June 29th

Common Debate

12 – 15h  Opening the debate:

 Chantal Mouffe and Stavros Stavrides