Reading Group

Seminar on the commons

We are organizing a reading group on the commons in the form of a bi-weekly seminar (ects available for those in need). The aim of the seminar is to collectively explore the debate on the commons and commoning. We want to read, study and watch together and discuss and reflect on what it means to study in common.

The seminar will be held on 9.Oct, 23.Oct, 06.Nov, 20.Nov, 4.Dec and 18.Dec from 5pm-8pm in our office spaces in Marxergasse 24, 1st floor.


9th of October

Re/Reading of the conversation between Stavros Stavrides and Massimo De Angelis published in An Architektur: “On the Commons” and watching Stavros Stavrides’ new film on alternative developments in Greece.

pdf: AnArchitecture On Commons


23rd of October

Reading Michael Hardt “The Common in Communism” and Aras Ozgun “A common Word”


6th of November

For the next meeting we decided to read Gibson-Graham: “Postcapitalist Politics” (2006), especially the Introduction and Chapter 4.

Introduction: A Politics of Economic Possibilities

Chapter 3. Constructing a Language of Economic Diversity, pp 53 – 78

Chapter 4. The Community Economy, pp 79 – 100

Chapter 6. Cultivating Subjects for a Community Economy, pp 127 – 165.

pdf: Postcapitalist Politics


20th of November

Reading the chapter “Coloniallity and the Question of Subjectivity” from the book “Globalization and the Decolonial Option” edited by Walter D. Mignolo and Arturo Escobar (You can find the chapter on Google Books here) and “Coloniality: The Darker Side of Modernity” also by Walter D. Mignolo. You can download the pdf below.

pdf: Coloniality: The Darker Side of Modernity


4th of December

In the reading seminar this coming Thursday we are going to read, discuss and extend the following material: Stefano Harney / Fred Moten “The Undercommons. Fugitive Planning and Black Study” (2013), Chapter 2: “Undercommons and the University”


18th of December

we invited michi klein to join us for our next reading group to discuss with us the settlers’ movement in vienna. michi is writing a dissertation on the history of housing in vienna and tries to frame it’s development, as he put it, longitudinally – meaning he is looking into the connections and (dis-)continuities between the different episodes of viennese housing over a longer stretch of time.

we agreed with michi that he wouldnt give an input but that we rather prepare questions and have a conversation together on the settlement movement in vienna. one text that we agreed to read in preparation for the next meeting is a chapter out of eve blau’s book “the architecture of red vienna, 1919-1934” (1999). the chapter is called “‘wohnen lernen’: learning to live, 1919-1923” and is about the settlement movement in vienna.

maybe you also want to take a look at the abstract of a talk michi recently gave at a conference in london. it is on page 33 of this online magazine:

pls, also check this link again, we might upload more material on the viennese settlers movement here …

pdf: Eve Blau “The Architecture of Red Vienna, 1919-1934”


15th of January

This week, looking further into the connections between the action of settling and colonialism, we will read “Seeking Emptiness: Theodor Hertzka’s Colonial Utopia” and “Starting from Scratch” by Cornelia Vismann.

pdf: Hertzka’s Colonial Utopia