WWTF International Summer School
the City

22nd – 29th of June 2014 
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna 

Call for Applications

Terms of Participation

For the enrollment to the Summer School we ask every participant to engage with us in an experimental exchange of ideas of possible futures: How do you envision future living in common? What spaces of commoning will we develop, what social relations will sustain them, how will they relate to our desire and affective investment, what subjectivities will flourish?

At this state we are no longer interested in apocalyptic projections of a dark and dystopian future. Instead, we search for the performative talking into being of other, possible worlds. We ask you to sketch out your idea on one page max and then send us your sketch until May, 9th 2014.

The page is your official registration for the summer school, which, among others, also means that if we do not receive your contribution, we will move along in our waiting list of interested participants). In June, when we come together, we want to engage in a collective trading of these ideas on commoning.

Deadline: May, 9th
Contact: summerschool@spacesofcommoning.net
Participants will be informed by May 16th 2014

Participation will be limited, though selected event will be open to the public. No tuition is charged for the summer school, however travel and accommodation are to be covered by participants.